Active Leisure Club

St. Martha’s Hall, Little Common, Cooden Sea Road, Bexhill-on-Sea  

Webmaster Alan 846222

   TN39 4SL


This year’s Programme Secretary is June Urquhart to whom all enquiries should be addressed.

 You can get in touch with June via our ‘Contact Us’ email page.

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month 2.30pm to 4.30pm and every fourth Tuesday between 7pm and 9pm.

Second Tuesdays Afternoons

Fourth Tuesdays Evenings


March  27th.

Beetle Drive  -  Cheese & Wine

Club Event

April 24th.

Tim McDonald

Memories of the BBC

April 10th.

Tom Fitzpatrick

Singer  ( Frank Sinatra )

June 12th.

Strawberry Tea

Club Event

May 22nd.

Ray Broomfield

Living with Altzeimers

May 8th.

Kevin Gordon

Quirky Sussex

July 24th.

Jonathan Linsley

Magical Thinking

July 10th.

Tony Harris

Secret London

September 25th.

Quiz with Babs Spackman & her team

Club Event

September 11th.

Richard Koenders


August 14th.

Judith Kinnison Bourke

Elsie Bowerman - Survivor of Titanic

August 28th.

Kim Parks

Wildlife Photographs

June 26th.

Sandy Melvin

Bexhill in Bloom