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St. Martha’s Hall, Little Common, Cooden Sea Road, Bexhill-on-Sea  

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Potential new members must attend two meetings as visitors before applying to join the club and must reside in the Bexhill-on-Sea area of East Sussex.

New applicants for membership will only be considered if the number of members does not exceed 130.

0 on the waiting list as at

 17th. November

New Members should contact the Membership Secretary either by using our

‘Contact Us’ facility or ringing 845907.







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Which Committee Members relinquished their Positions.

 Chairman - Pat Jarrad.   Pat wanted to give up the Chair at the last AGM, but offered to do one more year to see if anyone volunteered for the job.

 Vice-Chairman - Joan Smith.  Joan was the same as Pat wanting to leave but agreeing to do another year.  Joan didn’t want the Chairman’s role permanently.  I understand Joan is now back at home after all her troubles, but is unlikely to rejoin us at this time.

 Secretary - This very important role has been vacant for over a year, with Pat Jarrad herself covering the position.

 Programme Secretary - June Urquhart.  June has held this role for two years and doesn’t wish to re-apply for it this time.

 Catering Secretary - Pauline Forrester.   Pauline has looked after ‘catering’ for some three years and tells me that she needs more time for her favourite pastime - Bowls.

 Meals Organiser - Tony Jarrad.  Having undertaken this role for a few years, Tony wants to join Pat on ‘The Back Benches’ !

Club meeting  -  Tuesday 13th. March 2018

What an interesting talk we had from David Homewood entitled ‘Talking Machines.

Judging by the comments I heard during the Tea break  his talk was very well received by members. He certainly knew his subject


Forthcoming Events

Some notes for you about the Club Event advertised for Tuesday March 27thth.

Club Event  -  Beetle Drive  -  Cheese & Wine

Please note that the club will supply the CHEESE and all that goes with it and Members will supply their own WINE.

Wine can be whatever beverage you prefer, but you will also need to bring (and take away) GLASSES


Tables for EIGHT will be prepared for the evening and after the food & drink these will revert to TWO tables of FOUR for the Beetle Drive.

Hole Park

I have been advised that the Bluebells are fantastic, but it is a little hilly to get to them.  What I believe I’m saying is  - if you sometimes use a cane, then this might be one of those times.  

ALC Events Calendar

I have updated the Calendar section to include ALL our club meeting events for the six months to September 2018

As I month finishes I’ll add another to & including March 2019



The section I’ve run on tradesmen has run its course and as such when I get enough time, I’ll condense it down into only one page.

If anyone wishes me to add anybody else please email me at my usual address


I, as Chairman, then spent a while outlining the problems your new committee would be up against in this year.

A study of the accounts in light of the very big spend in January indicated there would be a sizeable increase of club expenditure over club income this year. Your new committee reasoned that savings needed to be made to have viable accounts being carried forward to next year.

Your committee felt that increasing Income or saving on Expenses alone wasn’t enough. It needed more help from members. Offering help to your committee who intend organising two more In-house events was certainly one way, but joining the committee to cover upcoming resignations would be the real winner.

A discussion then took place, but most members thought that by paying for refreshments the problem would be solved. Getting the club accounts back into reasonable funds is the easy bit. What your committee actually need is twofold. Members volunteering to help the current committee with organising two In-House Events as soon as possible in case of a Speaker having to cancel. But more importantly are members joining the committee with four vacancies already known next year.

As stated we will now have a two month trial to see what help is forthcoming. The next committee meeting is on the 1st.May with a report to members at our May 8th. Meeting.