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Potential new members must attend two meetings as visitors before applying to join the club and must reside in the Bexhill-on-Sea area of East Sussex.

New applicants for membership will only be considered if the number of members does not exceed 130.

0 on the waiting list as at

 1st. May

New Members should contact the Membership Secretary either by using our

‘Contact Us’ facility or ringing 845907.







If you want to know anything more about any of the upcoming ALC events on the right, then click on the one that interests you and it’ll take you straight to where there is a little more detail

Update on ALC Committee Meeting  - Tuesday 1st. May 2018

I have emailed the round-robin letter compiled with input from all current committee members stressing the urgency of getting a full working committee for next year organised.

A few have come back. Some by email and some by hand.

I keep stressing to you that without a full working committee for 2019/20 your current committee can see no reason in engaging Speakers and arranging Events or Outings.

Some have told me to stop going on about it, but I can’t. We need to get a committee together for 2019/20 and we need to do it now.

That is where we are at and that is where we remain.

Hopefully the returns from the round-robin letters will be more encouraging.  


Club Meetings - Washer Uppers

Having ‘tested’ the re-introduced club washing up system Val Nyss has suggested a couple of improvements.

If your name is drawn out of the hat and it’s your turn, then go to the front of the Tea/Coffee queue and get your drink first. Then as soon as you can report to Val in the kitchen.

One perk of the job !



The section I’ve run on tradesmen has run its course and as such when I get enough time, I’ll condense it down into only one page.

If anyone wishes me to add anybody else please email me at my usual address


Club Meeting  -  Tuesday 22nd. May 2018

Not a large turnout for this talk by Ray Broomfield, 50 of us in fact.

Alzeimers isn’t the most interesting of topics, but he did give us a few interesting pointers with quite a few leaflets on the subject which many of us took away.

He really wasn’t all that well either. The fall he had the previous day affected him greatly.  He needed help with all his equipment and, I’m sure, that was why he couldn’t sort out his ‘sound system’.

Being well into his eighties he gave the talk he wanted to give us and he did it very well.  He didn’t let us down because of his fall, but other Speakers may have done.

Colin did phone him to make sure he got home as well.

Strawberry Tea - Dressing up for the occasion

I suggested that Strawberry Teas are for Wimbledon, Ascot and Henley type events and wondered if the ladies would like to dress for the occasion. It was left to the individual to make their own choice as to whether they should or shouldn’t. Certainly quite a few said ‘Yes’ and I assume their other half’ will do likewise !  



2018/2019 Subscriptions

As at today we have 105 members and 7 Honorary Members.



Forthcoming Events 2

ALC Outing - Thursday 12th. July 2018

Sue and Margaret had the board out last Tuesday for members interested in signing up for a trip to Hadlow College & Chartwell

Normal times and pick-up points

£25 for Non National Trust Members & £12 for NT Members

Payment please at either of our June meetings

Forthcoming Events 2

Strawberry Tea - Club Event - Tuesday June 12th.

At the close of the last club meeting we had only sold 42 tickets for this annual event.

Janine and I think as the numbers this year are so low there must be a reason. It can’t be the price as it is still £4.50 the same as last year. We think that the ‘Alzeimers’ topic was not  to the liking of many members, which was borne out by the low attendance.

That being the case, any member wanting a ticket should get in touch with Janine on 845907. She hasn’t put in her final order yet so it is still possible. Leave a message on her ansaphone if she’s not there and she will get in touch with you. Please don’t just turn up on the day as she is preparing a specific number of Strawberry Teas for ticket holders only.

Your committee felt that as most members just want to have a chat with friends we would simply put one or two puzzles on each table for anyone who wanted to have a go.

Nothing too hard, just a teaser or two for anyone interested.

Brian Thring thought that many members would be reluctant to stand up in front of all of us and give their ideas for furthering the future of the club at an ALC meeting. With small groups on such an occasion as a tea they might like to discuss their idea with a smaller group. Wanting and welcoming any new thoughts and ideas I’m going to put a blank sheet of paper on each table.  Members thoughts Good or Bad, Positive or Negative just write them down. No need for names. Keep it anonymous. Just list anything you would like your committee to consider, roll the paper up and give it to any committee member and it’ll be discussed at the 29th. June Committee meeting.    

Still with Chartwell

Late on Tuesday Sue said to me that with only 19 interested in the Chartwell trip she and Margaret may well have to cancel it.

Quite possibly because of low attendees last Tuesday many may still want to go.

Give Sue a call on 843762 if you want a ticket. Sue will tell me her decision if and when she decides to cancel and I’ll email you all.