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Potential new members must attend two meetings as visitors before applying to join the club and must reside in the Bexhill-on-Sea area of East Sussex.

New applicants for membership will only be considered if the number of members does not exceed 130.

0 on the waiting list as at

 17th. November

New Members should contact the Membership Secretary either by using our

‘Contact Us’ facility or ringing 845907.







Last ALC outing of the year

A Christmas type visit to Kingston was a lovely way for Margaret Collins and Sue Dale to sign off their ALC Outside Events for 2017.

Wonderful trip, Thank You.

Both ladies are happy to ‘pick up the reins’ again for 2018 and Margaret with hubby Roy are adding the Outside Meals responsibility as well when Tony Jarrad signs off at the February AGM

If any of you have a potential venue you’d like ALC to do then now is the time to ask as they will soon be putting 2018/9 together


If you want to know anything more about any of the upcoming ALC events on the right, then click on the one that interests you and it’ll take you straight to where there is a little more detail


Those of you who attended the ALC Extraordinary General Meeting on November 14th. which followed the normal  club meeting could, like me, be encouraged that the ALC can possibly have a future into 2018 and beyond.

Chairman, Pat Jarrad, has produced minutes of the EGM, which you can read by clicking here.

The signs are encouraging as we have potentially filled the five committee positions which will become vacant at the AGM. We just need those volunteers to indicate their willingness to serve on the 2018/9 committee and be elected by members at the annual AGM in February

Website - Tidy Up.

With 2017 rapidly disappearing, I thought I’d tidy up the website.

Now we know the club will stay open for 2018, I’ll need to get ready for all that’s being arranged for next year.

Have a very happy Christmas and I hope and trust a great 2018

All the best  Alan



Details updated

ALC New Year’s Luncheon  - Tuesday 16th. January

Most of you will have attended our recent EGM  and will realise this event is now FREE to members, although Partners who aren’t ALC members can buy a ticket at the originally quoted price of £26.

Due to time constraints we must have a cut-off date to allow our organisers time to organise.

The Cut-off time for tickets is close of ALC business on Tuesday 28th. November 2017

I think Tony said his final number was 107.   


Forthcoming Events 2

Programme Organiser June Urquhart

From the recent EGM you will know that June will not be looking after the 2018/9 forthcoming events Programme for us as she leaves the committee at the AGM.

Prepared to step into the post on a temporary basis is Colin Kirk, and with Carol Parkes ‘shadowing’ we may have a team for the upcoming year. Thank you both for volunteering.

Because of the uncertainty of the club going forward June wasn’t and hasn’t prepared a list of Speakers and Club events for next year, but she is happy to join with Colin  & Carol and together roll out six months club events as soon as practical. This means members will NOT be getting a Membership Card when paying their subscriptions in March.  In fact, you probably won’t get one at all. We will almost certainly revert to the old type A4 listing of club events covering the six months March  to September 2018, followed by the second six months of the year when ready. I’ll do my best to keep the ‘calendar’ section of the website going.